NVIDIA Unexpectedly Announces Open-Source GPU Kernel Modules

Anyone heading to hell this evening may want to pack some warmer clothes: NVIDIA is finally embracing open source whole-heartedly. In a shock post, NVIDIA announced the immediate release of open source GPU kernel modules for a crop of its current hardware. The move is the first step in a broader open source push by company aimed at “improving the experience of using NVIDIA GPUs in Linux”. And about time too, right? NVIDIA add that Canonical, backers of Ubuntu, plan to ‘package the open kernel modules’ for use in the recent Ubuntu 22.04 LTS release in short order, with other :sys_more_orange:


Too little too late, I switched to Intel graphics in my last build because I got tired of Nvidia half working under Linux.

@omgubuntu guess the only choice they had was to get on board or get the board.

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