川普的truth social 竟然要验证电话好号码,本来想看看他们的ui设计的呜呜

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@mashiro Though very right-wing, transphobic etc, but you have to admit that - mastodon fork but no longer in the federation - has done a very good job.

@jsailo well, definitely they are different. but they are disconnected from the fediverse, and they won't need to consider the compatibility to the fediverse and merge upstream code. in my opinion, the page design can be even better, but i didn't do that, because there will be too much work to do to maintain and keep the code updated with the upstream in a long future

@mashiro I agree. I also read somewhere that Truth Social is based on Soapbox + Plemora. But they too disconnected from the fediverse.

@jsailo no, truth social or trump social is mastodon based, I have tried it before, but seems they ask for an American phone number verification now

@mashiro 收的是已落地的产品截图,比较知名的基本有,我拿来看看ui找找参考 :bili_tv_doge:

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