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💡 CSS Tip!
Create a Speech Bubble using a few lines of code
✅ One element
✅ No pseudo-element
✅ Only 3 properties
✅ Optimized with CSS variables


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Noto Emoj featured in the latest @CodePen Spark ⚡️
I love seeing how people are using Noto (Note to self: transfer my newsletter somewhere else so I can emebd it on my blog!!!)
Thanks for sharing! 🙏
Jennifer Daniel: We did it, fam!!!!! Our monochrome emoji font is here and FREE (🆓!) for all your (including but not limited to) printed matter 📖, eink reader 📟, tattoo 💪🖋️, coloring book 🖍️, engraving 🔡, laser cutting 🎨, word processing 📝, web dev 💻 needs🖤🤍

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Re 🏆 So here's the challenge!
Make a demo using matchMedia, share it on twitter and tag us @greensock
The MOST CREATIVE one wins a Club GreenSock subscription, with access to ALL our bonus plugins like ScrollSmoother & MorphSVG 🥳
Start here, go go go!

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This week's I tried to make it a single regex expression using the capture group match expression `(?1)` but swap out `%` and `#` for different characters but couldn't quite figure it. So solved recursively.

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I put together a quick CodePen to illustrate why using positive tabindex values sucks for keyboard users.
Feedback welcome!


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Learned something new about the path API: there's a ready-to-use method to determine if a point is inside a fill of a path element: isPointInFill
via @CodePen

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I've created a simple CodePen to illustrate and understand the difference between physical vs. logical properties. It might help you, too.

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Made a custom kind of tooltip for a client project, I’m not sure if it’s even considered a tooltip, even though functionally it’s the same, what do you think?
Here’s my @CodePen:

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T. Afif @ CSS Challenges: 👌 CSS Tip!
Create a fancy pattern using a few gradients and CSS variables.
More CSS patterns 👉


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put a lil spin on an old pen toying with svg filters + animations (w/ some bonus image & mix-blend options peppered in) for some rather trippy effects that'll make your gpu weep

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